Thursday, September 12, 2013

Graveyard Rabbit or Territorial Rat?

Alright, alright! It was not on my turf but this story still made my bunny hairs stand up! Okay, I know people are busy but when you say you are going to be respectful about things, don't you think you probably should do just that? I am all in support of erosion control but, really? Did you seriously do this crap?

Most people would probably say, "Relax! There are no bodies there; it's just the stones!" Fine, but the whole idea was just nasty. They were supposed to grind up those stones but instead they threw them into a drainage canal whole? There was no regard for, well, no regard for anything!

Note to Exeter District Cemetery: Find another recycler! Mahalo to the Fox station in Idaho for the video.

While this was certainly no fault of the cemetery's you have got to wonder why those stones were being replaced in the first place! Arbitrarily?

Whatever! I'm still annoyed.

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  1. Note to readers: The story in the media was deleted so I have no photos to share. There were grave stones with the names of the deceased thrown into a river. That was why the anger.