What was I thinking?  I'm sure that's exactly what a lot of people want to know!  Being a Graveyard Rabbit, or someone who likes to meander about the cemeteries, is not something most people would consider to be your everyday, normal behavior. 

Somehow I found myself both fascinated and drawn to the various cemeteries around our little island.  Part of the fascination, I'm sure, is something passed down by my parents.  They both focused on and taught history.  As I've aged history has become a curiosity to me too.  These graveyards hold so very much of our history in their stones!  More importantly, they hold the history of those whose resting places are marked by those stones.

Another part, I know, is just because I’m weird.  I accept that.  Come on along with me as I investigate the fascinations and share in my reveries over both those who are resting and the earthbound families that visit them from time to time.  Maybe you will find that I'm really not that strange after all.  Either way, I really don't mind.  Besides, I don't EVER want to be considered "normal" by anyone!  :)